DTN Retail Fertilizer Trends

OMAHA (DTN) -- Retail fertilizer prices tracked by DTN for the third week of September 2022 continue to show varied prices. Five of the eight major fertilizers are lower in price compared to a month ago, while the remaining three are higher.

DTN designates a significant move as anything 5% or more, and no fertilizers were considerably lower or higher.

Five of the eight major fertilizers were just slightly lower. DAP had an average price of $950/ton, MAP $1,005/ton, potash $875/ton, 10-34-0 $860/ton, and UAN32 $670/ton.

Three fertilizers were slightly more expensive than they were a month ago. Urea had an average price of $811/ton, anhydrous $1,376/ton and UAN28 $578/ton.

On a price per pound of nitrogen basis, the average urea price was at $0.88/lb.N, anhydrous $0.84/lb.N, UAN28 $1.03/lb.N and UAN32 $1.05/lb.N.

USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack announced on Tuesday that $500 million in grants will be available to increase American-made fertilizer production in the wake of prices hikes on U.S. farmers caused by the war in Ukraine, according to a USDA press release (https://www.usda.gov/…).

The Fertilizer Production Expansion Program is part of a whole-of-government effort to promote competition in agricultural markets. The funds are being made available through the Commodity Credit Corporation.

Grants will be used to support independent, innovative and sustainable fertilizer production to supply American farmers. Funds also will expand the manufacturing and processing of fertilizer and nutrient alternatives in the U.S. and its territories.

The maximum award will be $100 million, while the minimum award will be $1 million. The grant term is for five years, and USDA will begin accepting applications in the coming days via www.grants.gov.

"USDA believes in the growth of innovative, local businesses owned and shared by people who can best serve their own unique community's needs, fill gaps, and build opportunities," Vilsack said. "Recent supply chain disruptions have shown just how critical it is to invest in the agricultural supply chain here at home."

Despite lower prices in recent months, all fertilizers continue to be considerably higher in price than they were one year ago.

MAP is 28% more expensive, DAP is 34% higher, 10-34-0 is 36% more expensive, urea is 39% higher, potash is 40% more expensive, UAN28 is 51% higher, UAN32 is 54% more expensive and anhydrous is 78% higher compared to last year.

DTN gathers fertilizer price bids from agriculture retailers each week to compile the DTN Fertilizer Index. DTN first began reporting data in November 2008.

Farmers in Africa are turning to organic fertilizer with commercial fertilizer prices being double or even tripled since Russia's war on Ukraine has begun limiting fertilizer supplies, according to Dow Jones. You can read it here: https://www.dtnpf.com/….

Sep 20-24 2021 709 786 625 585
Oct 18-22 2021 810 863 716 735
Nov 15-19 2021 825 911 769 859
Dec 13-17 2021 858 935 796 901
Jan 10-14 2022 863 932 807 913
Feb 7-11 2022 876 935 815 905
Mar 7-11 2022 919 955 822 901
Apr 4-8 2022 1040 1056 875 1031
May 2-6 2022 1057 1081 881 1001
May 30-Jun 3 2022 1056 1079 880 979
Jun 27-Jul 1 2022 1039 1053 885 867
Jul 25-20 2022 1005 1041 887 836
Aug 22-26 2022 972 1026 880 804
Sep 19-23 2012 950 1009 875 811
Date Range 10-34-0 ANHYD UAN28 UAN32
Sep 20-24 2021 633 772 383 436
Oct 18-22 2021 659 940 451 492
Nov 15-19 2021 739 1220 571 651
Dec 13-17 2021 790 1420 579 663
Jan 10-14 2022 796 1430 584 679
Feb 7-11 2022 827 1487 600 699
Mar 7-11 2022 866 1490 603 704
Apr 4-8 2022 901 1534 629 729
May 2-6 2022 906 1534 631 730
May 30-Jun 3 2022 905 1529 633 731
Jun 27-Jul 1 2022 904 1466 611 702
Jul 25-20 2022 894 1431 596 693
Aug 22-26 2022 869 1331 575 676
Sep 19-23 2012 860 1376 578 670

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DTN Retail Fertilizer Trends
Fertilizer prices are evenly mixed for the third week of September 2022, with five of the eight major fertilizers slightly lower compared to last month while three were slightly higher. No fertilizers were up or down significantly compared to last month.
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