Planting Tips


                                                                                               HOW TO PLANT A NEW LAWN



1.      Preparation:  Aerate or till the soil, remove rocks, and apply an all-purpose fertilizer.    Rake the seedbed until it is smooth               and firm.  When overseeding, be sure to rake out thatch so seed can have contact with the soil.

2.      Sowing:  Spread the seed evenly.  Lime if necessary.

3.      Rake:  Gently rake the ground.  Germination is improved when seeds are covered with one eighth to one quarter inch of                   soil.  No more.

4.      Cover seed:  Cover the seedbed with a very thin layer of top dressing or straw.   This keeps the soil from drying out while                 allowing the sun to filter through.

5.      Water:  The top layer of soil must remain moist until the grass is well established.  Spray mist as often as necessary.  Avoid               overwatering.


            Depending on grass types used, your lawn should be ready for first mowing in three to six weeks.


            Feed every six to eight weeks in fall and early spring.


           Use broadleaf weed killers after the new lawn is mowed at least three times.