Grain Commentary

Year End Closing Thoughts

Thursday December 25, 2014

As this year comes to a close we have seen this year as a successful year for all.    With a year end rally in the markets we are seeing a potential rise again in feed cost   Of course nothing like the last few years.  With higher cattle I've seen a rise in feed production.  It seems everyone is feeding something.  With a nationwide record production in corn it would have seemed that cash price would have remained around $3.00.  But local cash is close to $4.00 again.  Soft wheat is strengthening again due to Russian withholding exports.    Local planting was around the same acres from having conversatios with local producers   Last of all soybeans have been lower than most years.  Most generally soybeans show the most support for basis improvement.  Usually spring arises with higher futures and higher basis.   We'll see how this spring planting goes in the battle for acres between corn and beans.  More local producers seem to be leaning toward planting soybeans and less corn acres.  But time will tell.